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How do I sign up for the Cloud Video Service?    If the Carousel Simplicity Video sales team already has your information, Carousel will send you an email invitation to the Cloud Video Service. If you would like to sign up for the Carousel Simplicity Video's free 30 day trial of the Cloud Video Service, click here.
How do I connect to meetings?    To connect to meetings, you need to download Polycom RealPresence Desktop meeting software for your computer, or get the Polycom RealPresence Mobile app for your smart phone. Use the dialing instructions on the Home page of the Cloud Video Service portal to dial into meetings.
How do I schedule meetings?    You can conveniently schedule Cloud Video Service meetings using any scheduling system, including Microsoft® Outlook and Google Calendar™. Copy dialing instructions into your meeting invitation from the Home page of the Cloud Video Service portal.
What happens if I forget my password?   

If you forget your password, go to the sign in page for the Cloud Video Service portal link and click "Forgot Password?."

  1. Type your user name and email address
  2. Click Submit
  3. An email will be sent to your email account to allow you to reset your password
  4. Click the link from the email
  5. Type in a new password. Confirm the new password
  6. Check I Accept Terms & Conditions
  7. Click Submit

Your password is reset.

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